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Dec. 9th, 2008

Ah, its been too long. We played D&D Saturday night, and it was quite the session. One of my two long-lost players made it this time, so I didn't use the stats I had made for Broketail, the kobold tempest fighter (at least, not in the way I intended...more on that in a minute). On to the story!

Last time, the party had just finished defeating a group of homunculi guarding a treasure vault in the ruins of Stormwing Keep. As they sorted out the treasure, the party was joined by Krayden (Eladrin Ranger), who had finally awoken from the coma he was in ever since his possession by the Darksbane Crown (thanks to his player being present). They immediately set out to finish the job they started by eliminating Skarash, the warlock who's been rallying the goblins in the region to do his bidding. They finished several encounters with goblins and zombies on the way to Skarash's inner sanctum, ultimately coming to an antechamber guarded by a patrol of Hobgoblins. The party engaged the goblins, but the hobgoblin commander's Tactical Deployment ability meant that the hobbos were able to quickly outmaneuver the PC's leaving Maylor (Dragonborn Warlord) stranded in the hall while the hobgoblin soldiers bottlenecked Krayden, Meika (Human Wizard), and Ariadne (Tiefling Warlock) in the corridor, severely limiting their attack options. Krayden Fey Stepped into the room behind the two hobgoblin archers and took the fight to them, taking some of the pressure off of Maylor, who continued to duel the hobgoblin commander. Unfortunately for Maylor, things were going poorly. He was dropped to negative hit points that round, and was coup de graced the round after. (At this point I gave Maylor's player control of Broketail the kobold, so he would have something to do for the rest of the session.)

The rest of the party narrowly managed to defeat the hobbos after Maylor's fall. Low on healing surges and daily powers, the surviving party members were seriously considering heading back to town to rest, even though Skarash was just on the other side of the door. In a surprise move however, Broketail, enraged by the death of his mentor, Maylor, brazenly charged into the next room with a war cry! At this point I did three things:

1. High-fived Broketail's player for not letting the party wuss out on the boss fight.
2. Handed him the tempest fighter stats that I had made for Broketail, stating that the kobold had finally become the warrior that Maylor always wanted him to be.
3. Told the rest of the party that Broketail's display of reckless heroism had so inspired them that they could sacrifice a healing surge to regain one daily power they had already expended.

Galvanized by these events, the party charged into the next room to find Skarash the Tiefling Heretic standing amidst a circle of red-glowing runes. At his side was an imp, cackling maliciously. Before him stood two vicious hell hounds, burning spittle flying as they snapped and growled at the party. Broketail and Krayden took on the hell hounds as Ariadne and Meika lauched a barrage of spells at Skarash. Eventually Skarash was barely able to stand, and as a last resort, began to siphon off energy from the circle of runes. This impertinence angered his infernal patron, who appeared as a shadowy sillouette before consuming Skarash in a ball of hellfire for his impertinence. Before fading away, the shadowy figure promised the party they would meet again.

I worked with a couple of things from Martial Power this session. One, I tried out the Tempest Fighter build, which was even more fun than I had anticipated. At one point Broketail's acrobatic fighting style prompted one of the other players to exclaim, "you're a freaking jedi man!" I also houseruled a Ranger multiclass feat that allowed Meika to treat her guard drake as an animal companion. The mechanics are great, allowing Meika to command her pet without bogging me down with an extra creature on the board.

That's about it for now. 'Til next time folks.

- Nick


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Oct. 1st, 2009 02:35 pm (UTC)
Still alive?
I just found yer blog and liked the stories. Any plan on continuing it?
Oct. 1st, 2009 07:59 pm (UTC)
Re: Still alive?
Hey, glad you liked the blog. I don't have any plans of continuing this particular blog in the near future, but I have just started a new blog on the Wizards.com community site. It seemed like the best place to discuss my games and other D&D related stuff. Check it out at here (http://community.wizards.com/dragonklaw82). I shall start recapping my games regularly on the new blog.
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Apr. 8th, 2011 07:48 pm (UTC)
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