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Of Absent Players and Kobold Fighters.

I'm currently working on my online D&D campaign (a much more labor-intensive process, since the Maptool program is not very conducive to improvisation) and trying to keep my "real-life" campaign afloat. It has been over a month since we played, what with Thanksgiving and lots of other stuff getting in the way. I'm trying to get the group together this Saturday, but so far one crucial member of the party is incommunicado. This individual has recently started a new relationship with a non-gamer, one of the first signs of terminal player bailout, but I'm optimistic that he'll stick with us.

As for the other four players, I know that two of them will always show (since one is the hostess and the other is my girfriend), but the other two have had a sketchy attendance record at best. One of those two PC's is dead, and the other is currently in some sort of magical coma (a plot device I was forced to use since he did not show up to play last time). Now, I understand that these two players have lives ourtside of the game table, lives that include jobs, and a baby, and other responsible stuff, but I need to know whether or not I can count on their attendance or whether I should plan my future games for a smaller party. If we play this weekend, and they don't show, I think I'm just going to assume they won't show in the future.

If that's the case, then I find myself with a three-person party and no main tank. That gives me an interesting idea. You see, the party has befriended a kobold named Broketail, an NPC whose biggest contribution so far has been acting as a dungeon guide for the party. Broketail is cowardly, greedy, and sycophantic, but without the malicious streak that most kobolds are notorious for. Maylor has taken this sniveling humanoid under his wing, believing that he can turn him into a true warrior. The idea was that Broketail would take levels in a martial class, probably rogue, and adventure with the party as an NPC. But with no PC tank in the party, I find myself asking, "do we really need another striker in the party?" Unfortunately, as entertaining as I find the idea of a mail-clad, shield bearing kobold tanking it up on the front lines, it just doesn't fit the personality that I've developed for Broketail. My idea for a kobold fighter died before it even got on its feet, but then something awesome happened: I bought Martial Power.

The Tempest Fighter build is just what I needed. It encourages a mobile, "strikery" fighting style using two weapons, and it even encourages fighters to wear light armor. Combined with the Shifty kobold racial ability, it would mean a slippery, agile melee combatant that always seems to be hopping just out of the reach of his enemies. Now that sounds more like a kobold to me. I even have the perfect mini for it: the Flamescorched Kobold. I'll probably multiclass him into rogue, since there's a lot of synergy there. That is, if I wind up using him. The other players could show up after all.

Well, that's enough of my rambling. 'Til next time.

- Nick Laney


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Dec. 5th, 2008 02:03 am (UTC)
One of the revelations I recently had was that every group of adventurers should have a kobold or goblin sidekick. In the World's Largest Dungeon campaign I recently completed, the PCs picked up a goblin rogue early who started to hero worship the female half-orc barbarian (because she didn't kill him out of hand and released him from the haunted room he was trapped in).

Over time, the PCs came to rely upon him as a cleanup person (verifying kills with his spear) and as a trap locator with his rogue skills. The worst thing their foes could do was try to kill the goblin - it made all the PCs angry and no matter what they were doing, they turned on the offending villain and hit him with their most powerful attacks. That would teach 'em!
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