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No Wrath yet...but I still have a new toy.

Last time I said that my next post would contain a review of Wrath of the Lich King. That's because I thought I would be going to the midnight release this very evening, but as it turns out, I'll have to wait until payday. Hey, a guy's gotta eat.

I did, however, play around with the beta of the new character builder from WotC. I gotta say, if this is the shape of things to come, then the subscription will be totally worth it. It's a great program, very intuitive and user-friendly, and very nice looking. There are tons of options for every step of the character building process, including material not found in the core rulebooks. Not once did I feel that I was being pigeonholed into the options the builder gave me; the builder offered all the options of the PHB and more. There is even the option of adding your own homebrew material to a character, options that are not fully available in the beta, but are nonetheless promising. Once the whole process is complete you can print out a character sheet, fully filled out with all your character's information, complete with a set of power cards with all your character's information already calculated.

If I had to find one complaint, it would be the install time. Part of the installation process involves downloading a Microsoft service pack, which can take a while. On the other hand, my install time was relatively short compared to some of the reports I've heard from others, so I suppose it just depends on your connection speed. I also suspect that this is one problem that will be fixed by the time the full version is released. All in all though, an excellent product from WotC. Now if they can just get the other tools ready. I want to use the online game table, damnit! Oh well, If being a gamer has taught me anything, its patience.


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