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So, what've I been up to? Well...

Last week we tried gaming online with Open RPG. It...did not go so well. Some people could not get it to run at all, others found the interface a little less than user-friendly, and even those well-versed in the program found little bugs here and there that interfered with the relatively simple act of gameplay. So we've scrapped that, and are moving on to a much simpler online utility, which basically consists of a shared map with digital dice. Sometime in the near future we'll try a game out on this one.

Meanwhile, I've been working on my other campaign (the one I play in a room with real-life people), and trying my damnedest to get a group together, but two weeks ago I couldn't reach everybody in time, and last week three of the players were busy moving, so its been a while. I'm debating whether or not to try and organize a game this Saturday, since I'll be busy Sunday and will probably want to just hang out with Mary the day before.

Which brings me to my next point: Football. Going to watch the Panthers this Sunday with my friend Scott. Scott is well, passionate about football. Like, a lot. Which is infectious when you're actually at the game with him, so I expect Sunday to be filled with lots of beer and shouting. In a good way.

Finally, I've been playing WoW pretty frequently, getting ready for WotLK. I love in-game events. I like quests and events that actually make me feel like the story of the game is progressing, and that I'm a part of that story. Blizzard has gotten better about adding this kind of content, and WotLK promises to have even more (like the Battle for the Undercity!). In the few days left before the new expansion, there's been this great event in Orgrimmar where the scourge attacks with a squad of abominations while frost wyrms blast everyone with ice from the air. What follows is pretty friggin' epic, with hunters and other ranged characters blasting the frost wyrms out of the sky while the tanks and DPS take it to the abominations. All the while, Thrall himself runs through the battle, rallying the troops and bringing the hammer down (literally) on the Scourge. At the end of the attack is a scripted event wherein Thrall declares war on the Lich King on behalf of the entire Horde. Awesome.

Well, thats about it for me. Hopefully next time I can post my review of Wrath of the Lich King. 'Later.

- Nick Laney

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