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Okay, Warcraft, this time I mean it!

I've decided to finally quit dicking around in Warcraft and make something of my subscription. I mean, I've had the game since like, 2006, I have no excuse not to be at level 70 by now. In the past week I've leveled my warrior up to 40 and my pally up to 20, and I've decided to get them at least a level a week or I'm not doing what I need to be doing with a 15$ a month subscription.

Part of this renewed zeal for WoW is because of the upcoming expansion, but I've also just fallen into the groove lately. My warrior and my pally (and my proficiency at playing both) have finally gotten where I want them to be in terms of sheer effectiveness. Asses are kicked and names are taken on a daily basis. I've also fallen into a groove where I can easily get a level out of four hours of play, so maybe level 55 (and my shiny new WotLK death knight) aren't really that far away. I mean, yes, that's 15 levels and no, I probably won't get there in two weeks, but I'll be close.

Now some of you veteran players out there might be saying, "big deal, so you don't suck anymore, what do you want, a cookie?"

Yes, Goddamnit, I want a cookie! Chocolate chip! With some milk!

Okay, but seriously, I used to suck hard at WoW. Like, embarassingly so. Now I don't, which means one very important thing: the game has never been more fun.

Tonight it'll probably be farming ore in Thousand Needles, if anything. I gotta shop around for some new plate armor after all.

That's all for now. 'Til next time, folks.
- Nick Laney

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